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How do I choose projects? ​


I tend to specialize in micro realistic projects, animals, portraits, everyday objects, so these will be the projects that I favor. However, I am open to experimenting with other styles and broadening my inspirations through your projects. ​ ​



How to make an appointment?


- Tattoo: please send your request on the contact form. It is important to complete all the fields indicated in order to facilitate the exchange and save time when making an appointment.

- Illustration: please also send your request on the contact form. ​ ​



Creation process before tattoo day


Once the meeting is set and the project defined together, you will receive a draft one week before for projects requiring composition, and 2-3 days before for simple projects. The sketch corresponds to the drawing layer, without shading. These are made directly on the skin. ​ ​


A deposit of €50 to €100 will be required to confirm your appointment. The deposit is not refundable if the project is canceled less than a week before the tattoo or if the appointment was on a Saturday. ​ ​


One month after the tattoo, you can send me a photo to assess whether it requires a touch-up. The first touch-up is included in the price of the tattoo up to 6 months after its realization.


1st needle: 110€

1 day: 800€

1/2 day: 500€

Some tattoos require more research and creation time, this is taken into account in the price calculation.

Tattoo care

Precautions the day before the tattoo


- No alcohol, drugs, anti-inflammatory or anticoagulant medication.

- Be sure, if possible, to shave the area to be tattooed carefully. ​ ​



Recommended products

- coconut oil for natural care (or Bepanthen)

- a neutral PH soap (Cadum, Septivon)

- sterile non-woven compresses (optional) if you wish to protect your tattoo and your clothing in the days following the tattoo. ​ ​

After your tattoo session

A second skin film will be placed on the tattoo.

1- Try to keep the second skin film on for 3 to 4 days. If it comes off before, don't worry, you can start the following treatments.

2- Clean the tattoo with neutral PH soap.

3- Moisturize with coconut oil twice a day (morning and evening). Always have clean hands when applying. Let the oil penetrate well or if you use a cream, apply it in a very thin layer (if the layer is too thick, it can suffocate the tattoo and alter the appearance).

4- If you want to make sure you don't stain your clothes, you can apply a compress. ​


Avoid intensive sports practice for the first 3 days.


During 1 month

For better healing of the tattoo, and in order not to alter the colors, it is important to:


- do not expose yourself to the sun or UV cabin (and after 1 month, always protect with factor 50 sunscreen)

- do not do prolonged immersion in water (bath, sauna, hammam, swimming pool, sea): you can obviously take showers

- do not scratch: itching will appear when the skin heals, the small dead skin cells will go away on their own.

- do not apply other creams to the tattoo (moisturizing or sunscreen creams are not healing creams)


Make sure to keep your tattoo as clean as possible (watch out for pets, friction with clothing, external dust, etc.)

tattoo care
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