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tatouage et illustration

To share my experiences and what was given to me on my path.

The will to link our inner selves to the external world transpires in my work.

Always trying to implement simplicity in the essence of living, while making it all about the details.


Interior Architecture and Designer

from 2010 to 2017

Interior Architecture gathers my first works related to the art and human senses.

The way our body responds to a space and environment can immediately tell whether or not you will feel safe and good there.

Each place has a history and an energy. By observing and working on the details, you can make a place your own and express yourself through it.

Product Design requires the observation of our changing needs, in order to ease our dailies.

I like simple and practical designs.

The poetic gesture related to an object.

And the way it blends in a given space and environment.


Money Museum in Phnom Penh,

Cambodia 2017

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